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Elizabeth Feria

Our Mission, A Message From Our Founder


Elizabeth Feria, the company, was founded to help women-owned and minority-owned businesses understand the business and tax laws that apply to personal needs. Our founder, Elizabeth, has acted as a mentor for more than 28 years and has earned the trust of many returning clients. As we approach our 30th anniversary, we are starting to help 2nd generation clients. Nothing makes us more proud than knowing that we are trusted. We help non-profits and small businesses give them tools to strengthen their organizational skills.

Elizabeth Feria was born & raised in Lima, Peru. She is the oldest of three siblings. As a young child, she was exposed to the business world through her family-run waster park. This was where she first discovered her passion for business. After graduating from the Universidad Ricardo Palma in 1991 as an accountant, Elizabeth visited the US. She then applied for post-graduate studies at Georgetown University.

Elizabeth started her post-graduate studies at Georgetown University in 1993 and founded E.F. America in 1994 to support entrepreneurs with their businesses and educate her community on taxes and their importance.

She loves to see her clients grow and become stronger in their endeavors. Many of her clients are successful as small business owners, directly serving the government and/or surrounding communities. Some of her client’s children have even begun to use her services as they become young professionals in their own right.

Elizabeth speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. She serves as President of the Latino Festival of Montgomery County for five years. Attendance went from 5,000 to 100,000 during her tenure. She is a mother to her 15-year-old son, Charles. She served as the Vice President of her local PTA, is a proud hockey and soccer mom. She also loves cooking and sailing.

Elizabeth Feria

Elizabeth Feria

Position: President

BA Accounting at university of Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru.
Post Graduate Business Courses at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Elizabeth Feria
Elizabeth Feria

Tax Preparation Services

We offer Tax Preparation Services in Washington DC and Maryland

Elizabeth Feria is a reputable professional with experience and knowledge in accounting, tax preparation, and real estate. She is also a licensed real estate agent serving in Maryland. Our services are focused on local and small business owners. The professionals at Elizabeth Feria are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also serve as consultants and business coaches. Elizabeth Feria America has been serving the Wheaton Area for 27 years.

Real Estate Services

Elizabeth Feria offers a wide range of services which includes tax planning, accounting and payroll services. We also help you with property and buying and selling in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Other Services We Offer

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Elizabeth Feria


Elizabeth Feria


Elizabeth Feria

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Elizabeth Feria

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Elizabeth Feria
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